Antarctica Expansion


The game begins with both the additions of the Antarctica map and with two continent gaining increased continental bonuses i.e. South America (3) and Africa (4). As suggested above there are additional territory connections from Argentina (South America) to Shackleton (Antarctica), Lesotho (Africa) to Free Africaans Republic (Antarctica) and Akara (Indian Ocean) to Independent Kansas (Antarctica). Four addition land territory cards representing the new Antarctica territories are also added to the existing land deck and are set-up normally during the initial phase of the game. One additional Global Warming is also added into deck of diplomat cards at the beginning of the game.

When/if the Global Warming card is played, the following occurs:

Map layout and design by Grinborg.

Download Bundled Expansion Pack

The bundled expansion pack contains high-resolution versions of the Antarctica map and cards.

Antarctica expansion pre warming    Antarctica expansion post warming