Titan Expansion


  1. 4 separate territory card decks:
    • Water
    • Lunar
    • Land
    • Hydrocarbon
  2. Nuclear command cards affecting water territories allow a player to choose to attack EITHER Water OR Hydrocarbon territories. For example: Player X plays 'Scatter Bomb Water'. This player may draw random cards from either deck listed above, but must confine their draw from one selected deck.
  3. Nuclear command cards affecting lunar territories allow a player to choose BOTH Water AND/OR Lunar territories (since all Water is on Rhea). This plays in a similar fashion to the above but players may draw from either or both decks in a nuclear attack.
  4. Naval commander is required to attack to and from water and/or hydrocarbon territories. Once a player reaches the water on the moon, a naval commander is the only commander required for attack or movement within the water territories. Naval command cards are playable on either hydrocarbon or water territories.
  5. Lunar commander is required for attack into and out of any lunar colony, but as shown in rule change 3, it is not necessary to have a lunar commander once underwater. Lunar command cards are playable on either lunar or water territories (water commander does not have to be in play).
  6. For every 6 unique neutral territories occupied, a player with a diplomat commander in play will receive an additional 3 troops at the beginning of each turn.

Map layout by gueltron, design by MrMan2k3.

Download Bundled Expansion Pack

The bundled expansion pack contains high-resolution versions of the Titan map, Rhea map, Continent bonus reference card, and each territory card.

Download Card Sheet

A pdf for printing your own cards


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